GTBank LFDW 2013

Day Two

Backstage And Runway.

Still on the fashion show which was tagged as ‘Orange Culture’ brought about  a whole lot of prints. speaking with some of the designers after the show such as Bayo Oke-Lawal,Re Bahia,Mai Atafo, and Mi-Le talked about their various unique collections and the inspiration behind it all.

Now here are some of the designs , so sit back and enjoy *winks

According to Bayo Oke-Lawal, his collection was inspired by trees ,the headpieces were representative of the cycle of trees with the colorful eyebrows.

Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-2 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-3 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-4 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-5

For Re Bahia, i got a lot of sheer, satin and very transparent pieces, but in the most elegant way possible.the bold blues, perfect pinks and the wintery white outfits were breath-taken if there’s any lesson here it’s that loose fitting clothes are just as sexy. Orire certainly deserved a standing ovation for her amazing collection.

Re-Bahia-LFDW-2013-2 Re-Bahia-LFDW-2013-3 Re-Bahia-LFDW-2013-4

Mai Atafo Like a lot of other designers, made use of lot of prints, Ankara in particular and a lot of bold colors. Mai Atafo made use of men’s fashion as a means of inspiration for the modern woman outfit as seen in the  bow ties and ties on the women, hats and even cigars. Who said this is a mans world!?

Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW13 Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW13-2 Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW13-3

Mi-Le showcased a lot of monochrome,The pieces were very edgy and had very defined shapes.

MI-Le-LFDW-2013 Mi-Le-LFDW-2013-2 Mi-Le-LFDW-2013-3


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