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GTBank LFDW 2013

Day Two

Backstage And Runway.

Still on the fashion show which was tagged as ‘Orange Culture’ brought about  a whole lot of prints. speaking with some of the designers after the show such as Bayo Oke-Lawal,Re Bahia,Mai Atafo, and Mi-Le talked about their various unique collections and the inspiration behind it all.

Now here are some of the designs , so sit back and enjoy *winks

According to Bayo Oke-Lawal, his collection was inspired by trees ,the headpieces were representative of the cycle of trees with the colorful eyebrows.

Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-2 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-3 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-4 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-5

For Re Bahia, i got a lot of sheer, satin and very transparent pieces, but in the most elegant way possible.the bold blues, perfect pinks and the wintery white outfits were breath-taken if there’s any lesson here it’s that loose fitting clothes are just as sexy. Orire certainly deserved a standing ovation for her amazing collection.

Re-Bahia-LFDW-2013-2 Re-Bahia-LFDW-2013-3 Re-Bahia-LFDW-2013-4

Mai Atafo Like a lot of other designers, made use of lot of prints, Ankara in particular and a lot of bold colors. Mai Atafo made use of men’s fashion as a means of inspiration for the modern woman outfit as seen in the  bow ties and ties on the women, hats and even cigars. Who said this is a mans world!?

Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW13 Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW13-2 Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW13-3

Mi-Le showcased a lot of monochrome,The pieces were very edgy and had very defined shapes.

MI-Le-LFDW-2013 Mi-Le-LFDW-2013-2 Mi-Le-LFDW-2013-3


GTBank LFDW 2013.

By Joyce Awele.

Hello everyone, i’m sorry i have being a little MIA…. Anyways am back now  to give you whats New and Hot *winks*

Day One

Backstage And Runway.

Light, music and runway. it was a night filled with fabulosity for me as i could not just help but buzz uncontrollably on my seat as fashion designers displayed their outfits on the stage. Seeing  fashion at its best,the show which took place at OceanView in Victoria Island, Lagos brought together not only designers from Nigeria but abroad as well. designers such as Wana Sambo, Weizdum, Valerie David, Kinabuti, Samson Shoboye and Kola Kuddus,Maureen Ikem,Christie Brown,Ella and Gabby graced the event.

Now let me show you some of my favorite back stage moments

 Right here the female models had somewhat minimal make up. A few colored lips here, but more generally, everything was kept quite nude and bronze, with defined eyebrows and heavy eyelashes, no overly bold colors.


LFDW-BEAUTYDay 1 featured high ponies.

LFDW-BEAUTY-3 With the men, Day 1 was pretty basic .

LFDW-MALE-BEAUTYWhen some of the men walked out, i got a modern day, African Jesus vibe, except the crown of thorns which was just a crown of leaves, thankfully *whew!

 some interesting hairstyles from some of the malemodels


From the Runway,It’s only fair to start with Sunny Rose’s S/S ’14 Collection. speaking with the designer Maureen Ikem after the show ,i learnt that the collection was inspired by the French Riviera. The idea behind the collection according to her was to “create elaborate clothes for women so they feel great about themselves”. something very interesting was that she kept colors to a minimum with whites and reds. Her collection featured a lot of lace and silk creating very elegant pieces and the ambience of the show was fantastic, what better music to play than Justin Timberlake’s ‘Take Back The Night?’

Sunny-Rose-LFDW-2013-2 Sunny-Rose-LFDW-2013-4 Sunny-Rose-LFDW-2013-31 Sunny-Rose-LFDW-20131

Christie Brown gave us super quirky on the runway last night! It was a somewhat Afrocentric show, right down to the music; which is what i particularly loved.she gave some chiffon, some laser cuts, bold yellows and aqua. Let’s not forget the defined shapes and how lady-like a lot of the pieces were. To top it off, there were some amazing neck pieces . i definitely got “that modern woman who seeks a true taste of Africa.”

Chrisie-Brown-LFDW-2013- Christie-Brown-LFDW-2013-2 Christie-Brown-LFDW-2013-3Ella and Gabby also featured a lot of silk, lace and prints. Defined waists and very strong silhouettes which brought a very lady-like collection. Definitely a lot of amazing evening wear. truly did get luxury, elegance and style!

Ella-and-Gabby-LFDW-2013- Ella-and-Gabby-LFDW-2013-3 Ella-and-Gabby-LFDW-2013-21 Ella-and-Gabby-LFDW-2013-41So…keep watching this space for Day Two *winks

Silverbird Galleria Fashion Week ( September 2013 )

By Joyce Awele.

Day Two and Three : Red Carpet and Runway.

Red Carpet


when asked about his outfit , he had no idea but what i liked about this outfit is the gold ax neck chain.


A simple Black dress accessorized with Gold Jewelries by yours  Truly…. will give you that classy but Alluring look.*winks

Eccentric Men’s fashion, true but i think he should have played with mixing up some colors don’t  you think so…?but what i do like about this outfit is his Black and Gold accessory.


DSC_0142I do like his outfit here because he was able to take a simple outfit and transform it into something New, daring and crazy  which is what fashion i feel is all about.

DSC_0159 DSC_0160

what i like about this outfit is the beaded sandals.


DSC_0185 DSC_0190 copy DSC_0219DSC_0193 copy DSC_0197DSC_0187.DSC_0220 DSC_0222DSC_0194 copy DSC_0224DSC_0227

The Red Dress

Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination.


Red my favorite color is an intense color that is packed with emotion ranging from passionate, intense love to anger and violence.Every woman deserves to be noticed and  A red dress makes that a simple task.A black dress offers easy style, but a red dress instead offers boldness.


The red dress is a bold fashion statement, but if worn well, it can create a look that seems both classic and seductive. When it  comes to accessorizing the Red dress, stick with simple, unobtrusive pieces that add a little interest and contrast without drawing too much attention. Keep your dress the focal point of your outfit.

So…here are few Tips  on how to accessorize your red dress.

Think Monochromatic

Bring in black belt. Best kind would be one of the stretchy ones so it doesn’t look like the belt should go on pants. Belts definitely classy the dress and show off the good curves.

download (7)

Mix in different shades of red. A bright red can look overwhelming if you use it in every part of your outfit. Instead, use different shades of red to create contrast while staying within an all-red color scheme.

images (14)download (8)

Stay Classic with Black and White
Use black to add a little sexiness to your outfit. Black can look strong and classy, but the right black accessories can really turn up the heat. Wrap a black lace shawl around your shoulders for evening or carry a clutch with a layer of black lace. Complete the look with your highest pair of black stilettos.

images (15)images (16)
Glitz It Up
Add a simple hint of glamour to your dress with solid silver or gold. Metallic often have enough shine to look elegant on their own. Add shimmer to your neck or wrist with a simple chain, and look for a metallic shoe and handbag to tie your look together.


And there you have it. Be Bold and Sexy!

Silverbird Galleria Fashion Week ( September 27th to 29th,2013).

By Joyce Awele.

 Day One: Exhibitions

Being the first of its kind, the silverbird creativity fashion exhibition which  took place at the Stv  Galleria  did see Nigerian culture fashion at its best . the Exhibition presented a perfect opportunity for fashion  related community to present their work before an audience which is a vital tool for the development of Nigerian creative fashion houses such as Occasions and Events , graced the Occasion.

DSC01080DSC01079 DSC01078 DSC01077DSC01081DSC01083DSC01084 DSC01085 DSC01086DSC01089 DSC01088 DSC01087DSC01110 DSC01091DSC01111 DSC01112DSC01152 DSC01153 DSC01154

Choosing The Best jewelries For Your Face Shape.

Necklaces And Earrings .

When it comes to  Necklines,jewelries and make up its all about knowing your face is important to choose  jewelries  that are complimentary to the shape of your face as this ensures that each piece will bring out your best features which will flatter you there by making you feel fabulous and sexy.

So…Here are  few tips to consider when choosing the best jewelries for your face shape.


download (1)


Almost any shape.
Scoop and turtle neck are great.


Chokers will draw emphasis to a long neck.
Opera style will lengthen a torso.
Matinee with drops accent a low-cut necklines.
Soft shapes such as spheres,pearls,open link chains,etc. will compliment the softness of the face.

Legend:  X  – less  flattering necklaces
– more flattering necklaces



Designs should be proportionate to the face.
Avoid very long styles.
Compliment with hoops,chandeliers,teardrops and other soft shapes.
Use triangle shapes to dramatize the face.

Legend: X – less flattering earrings
– more flattering earrings

cercei-chandeliers-oval-face cercei-dangles-oval-face cercei-drops-oval-facecercei-studs-oval-face cercei-teardrops-oval-face cercei-triangle-oval-face




Need strategic,lengthening shapes.
V-neck,sweetheart,empire and collared shirts .
Avoid round necklines.


Use long lengths to lengthen the look of the face.
Use larger components that creates V-shapes  to compliment the face.
Avoid princess ,choker and collar lengths which shorten the neckline.



Wear long ,vertical styles which narrows the face .
Use angular designs such as rectangle,trapezoids,longer angular shapes to flatter the face.

round-face-dangles round-face-drops round-face-hoopsround-face-large-buttons round-face-narrow-chandeliers


fc-squrdownload (1)


Help the appearance seem more oval and wear strong horizontal lines.
Strapless,boat neck,off-the shoulder,slight cowl necklines.
Avoid the V-neck,plunging and scooped necklines .


Short length compliment this shape.
collar length,choker and princess lengths break the vertical line of this shape and are complimentary.
Large beads and rounded neck wires are best.

coliere-fata-rectangulara- coliere-fata-oblong


Large bold styles are best.
Try Large,rounded post styles as well as wide chandeliers with movement to create drama.
Chose space-filling designs that create movement and interest.

rectangular-large-buttons rectangular-short-drops rectangular-triangle rectangular-wide-chandeliers

oblong-face-large-rounds oblong-face-square oblong-face-wide-chandeliers




Soften the angular face with curves and vertical lines.
V-neck, scoop, sweetheart and moderate cowl lines are complimentary.
Avoid empire necklines which are square.


Use curves and length to soften face.
Draw attention away from neckline with large components that hang fairly low.
Chose pendants with curved detailing.
Avoid princess, choker and collar lengths.



Large oval hoops, narrow chandelier and long drop shapes are perfect.
Avoid short, wide styles.

square-face-dangles square-face-large-studs square-face-long-drops square-face-oval-hoops

square-face-sqaure square-face-triangles square-face-wide-chandeliers




Strong horizontal clothing lines are best.
Boatneck, crew, off-the-shoulder and turtleneck shapes are advised.
Avoid V-neck, sweetheart, scoop, strapless and plunging necklines.


Short and curved shapes are best.
Choker, princess and collar lengths are ideal.
If longer lengths are desired then pair with a shorter length to create balance.
Rounded neck wires and short bib-styles are complimentary.



Triangular dangling earrings compliment the shape by widening the jawline.
Add width at jaw level.
Use hoops, curves, teardrops, triangles and other dangling space-filling designs.
Avoid small round post designs as well as longer narrow designs.

inverted-triangle-fan-shaped heart inverted-triangle-feather-shaped heart inverted-triangle-large-studs heart inverted-triangle-narrow-dangles heart

inverted-triangle-teardrops heart inverted-triangle-triangles heart




Use curves to soften the jawline.
V-neck, collared shirt and sweetheart necklines are best.
Avoid empire and turtleneck lines.


Use short lengths with gentle curves.
Princess and Matinee styles are complimentary.
Create length by using large components to form a V-shape below neckline.
Pendants with bold, rounded designs are best.



Use heart-shaped dangling designs.
Add width to cheekbones and upper areas.
Use small post styles with small, narrow dangles to create length.

earcuffs pear-face-dangles triangle pear-face-triangles


download (1)


A rare, dramatic shape that can wear almost any neckline.
Try the scoop and turtleneck for great results.


Chokers will draw emphasis to a long neck.
Opera style will lengthen a torso.
Matinee with drops accent a low-cut neckline.
Soft shapes such as spheres, pearls, open link chains, etc. will offset the sharp angles of the face.



Avoid styles with extra length.
Add width to the jawline by wearing earrings that dangle with teardrops, pearl drops or triangle drops.
Soften the face with hoops.
Dramatize the face with angular crystal cuts and triangle shapes.

diamnond-triangles diamond-drops diamond-hoops diamond-studs diamond-teardrops

Fashion Beads For Men.

beads beads beads……..when you hear the word bead, what comes to your mind?small, round and perforated objects which are usually strung to form necklaces or bracelets or attached to garments or articles of clothing for decorative effect right?…..well they are more than that, during ancient times they were know as African money  which where used as currency for the exchange of goodsservices and slaves,But all that have changed now as it has become a Fashion Trend. its uniqueness has not only captured female fashion sense and style but men as well.

images (7)images (6)

boy-beads for men_tigers_eye_black_onyx_bead_bracelet.

with the use of beads you can transform your outfit into some thing beautiful and unique, something that stands you out from the crowd. Now having the ability to transform an ordinary outfit into something extra ordinary lies in your ability to use beads to transform your out fit but it all come down to your skin tone and outfit.

Men’s Fashion are Eclectic and as such this should reflect the beads you choose to wear and how you accessorize it with your outfit.



Basically i think Men who follow eclectic style should not be conscious or mindful about making a statement. Instead, they should feel free to express their personal style and tastes in various textures and cultures. They should also not be too concerned about what other people may think as Being unique and artistic is considered fashionable with this Trend.

Make up brushes.

By Joyce Awele

Behind every successful makeup lies the applicator; from the day time look to the night, office and even modelling look lies the applicator; the makeup brushes.
From covering up foundation unto your face to adding blush to your check born and applying colourful eye shadows and lipstick, makeup brushes let you apply your makeup more evenly which gives your eyes, lip and face a flawless finish.
images (1)
I love… and the first time I was introduced to makeup was exciting for me; the beauty of the colours and how to apply them on but knowing the type of makeup brushes and their uses was quite challenging for me.
I know a lot of you ladies out there would feel the exact same way as I once did so……I did a little research and here is what I learnt from Makeup Geek. With thousands of makeup brushes out there, trying to decide which ones to add to your makeup collection can be overwhelming. However, having the correct brushes can make all the difference in your makeup application.
Now Here is makeup geek Top Ten makeup brushes everyone should own and the correct way to use them.

Flat Stiff Brush.
This is my go to brush and one I reach for daily. The purpose of this brush is for packing colour on the lid. The stiff bristles allow you to push the eye shadow onto the base easier and allows it to stick. You can also use the tip of the brush to smudge colour under the lash line as well or create a defined line in the crease.

Stiff Dome Brush
This brush is great for blending out harsh lines and feathering colours. However, the Makeup Geek pointed crease brush has a slightly pointed tip instead of the more dome shape the MAC has. This makes it more precise and easier to use on smaller eyes. This is great for feathering out colour to create a Smokey eye, or for blending out the crease. This brush is meant for blending instead of packing on colour.

Pencil Brush
This brush is ideal for smudging colour either under or on top of the eye. This can also be used in the crease to give a very defined cut crease appearance to the eye. You can also use this brush in the outer corner of the eye with a dark colour to give added depth and drama to the look of your eye as well. The small size of the brush give you a more precise application.

Soft Dome Brush
This brushes soft bristles are ideal for blending out harsh lines below the brow bone of the eye using windshield wiper motions. This is also perfect for blending out concealer under the eye to help hide dark circles and bags.

Bent Liner Brush
This brush is specifically designed for applying gel eyeliner. The bent head makes it ideal for laying on the top of the lashes and dragging the eyeliner out to a winged shape. The pointed tip helps give you a very cat eye, winged out line that makes this brush fool proof when using it.

Dual Ended Lash Brush
This is one of those brushes where you get double the product for your money. One end has the spoolie that allows you to brush through your brows. The other end is an angled brow brush and great for filling in your brows with a powder or even a gel liner if you want a very crisp, defined brow.

Blush/Contour Brush
There are so many of these on the market and in a lot of different shapes from round, fluffy, and even angled ones. With blush you can use many different types of brushes, for me personally I love the angled blush brush.
You can set the angled brush on your cheekbone and sweep it downward and get an easy and flawless application of blush. If the brush is thin enough, you can take the brush and lay it on its “side” to use as a contour brush to enhance the cheekbones.

Cheek Highlighter Brush
This brush is completely optional to have but the feathery, soft bristles of this brush give a very nice finish to any product you use it with. I like having this brush and use it to apply highlighter to the top of my cheekbones. You can also use these with cream blushes to stipple the colour onto the cheeks for an airbrushed finish.

Foundation Stippling Brush
This is for those of you who love a full coverage look to your foundation. The flat head is made for the foundation to be stippled onto the face. This assures there are no streaks in the foundation and gives a very airbrushed and flawless look to the skin.

Beauty Blender
So technically this isn’t really a brush but how could I not include it? The egg shaped design makes it ideal for getting under the eye and in small areas. This is what I use every day to apply my foundation. It’s easy and quick to pat the foundation on and then I roll it toward the hairline to blend it into a smooth, flawless finish. This is a must have for day to day foundation wearing!
These are the makeup brushes that the Makeup Geek says are must haves for either the beginner or someone who wants to know how to expand their brushes. I highly recommend getting these types of brushes in terms of the shape to get the most out of your makeup application. I certainly hope this helps you in deciding which brushes you need. Much love*kisses and hugs*

Nigerian Celeb Inspired Fashion Tips for Black Men.

By Joyce Awele

When considering  fashion tips for black men, what comes to my mind is the skin color as Your melanin makes you unique in itself, what tribe he’s from and how he Incorporates its details into his outfit and signature look. But getting the right  fashion styles and colors that work for you can be quite…….here are few Inspired fashion Tips i got.

DJ Sose1IMG_9286-350x600
download (5)0banky w interviews fashola lindaikejiblogimages (4)2face idibia wedding lindaikejiblog
Basket mouth at LLAM concertBasketmouth1
Now having seen these outfits. what are dose things they all have in common..? still have no idea? fear not for that’s what i’m here to show you

Hair styles should be neat and groomed. In one of my first articles “Finding Your Face Shape ” i talked about knowing your face shape. i know…it is basically for women but it also applies to the men as well . knowing your face shape helps guide you to hair cuts which enhances your look .Whether you like to sport it short or long, it should be groomed and neat at all times. bald head works perfectly well for black men as they have the right shape of head. You already know if that is you or not. If it is you, then march tall. But if you don’t have the right head for it, leave it alone. Instead, consider growing your hair out and wearing it natural. Maybe some short twists or a nice, short, shaped hair cut. Whichever style you choose, consider getting it professionally done to ensure your look is tight. Build your fashion around your natural looks!

Sort out the colors that work with your skin tone. Black men with darker skin tones should stay clear of the darker colors and focus on colors that are soft and not too bright. For example, stay away from blacks and browns and make friends with beige and creams. Some black men can pull off pink, especially if they have darker skin, but it needs to be a soft pink. Light-skinned black men can work with the blacks and darker colors to create contrast and basically i think they can play with almost any color. The colors you use dictate your level of fashion.

Avoid flip flops. OK so  technically this is not in the list but how could I not include it? If your are a fan of sandals, avoid flip flops at all costs, unless of course you are trying to present a feminine side. Flip flops are shower shoes and not fashion statements, and should remain in the shower. Instead, steer towards the sandals that only expose the feet through small vents in the sides and in the top of the shoe. This type of sandal allows you to keep your masculine presence and cool your feet at the same time. They also go well with jeans, and long Khaki shorts.
So There you have it. Now go out there and take over the world*winks*

Outfit of the day.

An African print outfit with a modern Twist.


Or….you could pair this outfit with the..

Charlotte Olympia 'Dolly' Black/Gold Slingbacks

Charlotte Olympia “Dolly” Black suede and Gold accented Sling back pump.

this amazing African print fairly made peplum top captures the bold print trend brilliantly. It’s such a flattering shape and can be styled up or down. I could pair it with a pencil skirt and court heels for work or skinny black trousers and a statement necklace for evening. The slouch skirt Made from African print fabrics, is a bold but chic look. Team with a plain vest top and black heels, such as the Charlotte Olympia “Dolly” Black and Gold accented Sling back pump with a blazer for a cool work look. A pair of chandelier drop earrings with Angel Jackson flap clutch in blue snakeskin and Alexander Mcqueen seleucus skull suede pump or the Charlotte Olympia “Dolly” Black and Gold accented Sling back pump will give you  that traditional but sexy and classy look.