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Fashion Beads For Men.

beads beads beads……..when you hear the word bead, what comes to your mind?small, round and perforated objects which are usually strung to form necklaces or bracelets or attached to garments or articles of clothing for decorative effect right?…..well they are more than that, during ancient times they were know as African money  which where used as currency for the exchange of goodsservices and slaves,But all that have changed now as it has become a Fashion Trend. its uniqueness has not only captured female fashion sense and style but men as well.

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boy-beads for men_tigers_eye_black_onyx_bead_bracelet.

with the use of beads you can transform your outfit into some thing beautiful and unique, something that stands you out from the crowd. Now having the ability to transform an ordinary outfit into something extra ordinary lies in your ability to use beads to transform your out fit but it all come down to your skin tone and outfit.

Men’s Fashion are Eclectic and as such this should reflect the beads you choose to wear and how you accessorize it with your outfit.



Basically i think Men who follow eclectic style should not be conscious or mindful about making a statement. Instead, they should feel free to express their personal style and tastes in various textures and cultures. They should also not be too concerned about what other people may think as Being unique and artistic is considered fashionable with this Trend.


Nigerian Celeb Inspired Fashion Tips for Black Men.

By Joyce Awele

When considering  fashion tips for black men, what comes to my mind is the skin color as Your melanin makes you unique in itself, what tribe he’s from and how he Incorporates its details into his outfit and signature look. But getting the right  fashion styles and colors that work for you can be quite…….here are few Inspired fashion Tips i got.

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Basket mouth at LLAM concertBasketmouth1
Now having seen these outfits. what are dose things they all have in common..? still have no idea? fear not for that’s what i’m here to show you

Hair styles should be neat and groomed. In one of my first articles “Finding Your Face Shape ” i talked about knowing your face shape. i know…it is basically for women but it also applies to the men as well . knowing your face shape helps guide you to hair cuts which enhances your look .Whether you like to sport it short or long, it should be groomed and neat at all times. bald head works perfectly well for black men as they have the right shape of head. You already know if that is you or not. If it is you, then march tall. But if you don’t have the right head for it, leave it alone. Instead, consider growing your hair out and wearing it natural. Maybe some short twists or a nice, short, shaped hair cut. Whichever style you choose, consider getting it professionally done to ensure your look is tight. Build your fashion around your natural looks!

Sort out the colors that work with your skin tone. Black men with darker skin tones should stay clear of the darker colors and focus on colors that are soft and not too bright. For example, stay away from blacks and browns and make friends with beige and creams. Some black men can pull off pink, especially if they have darker skin, but it needs to be a soft pink. Light-skinned black men can work with the blacks and darker colors to create contrast and basically i think they can play with almost any color. The colors you use dictate your level of fashion.

Avoid flip flops. OK so  technically this is not in the list but how could I not include it? If your are a fan of sandals, avoid flip flops at all costs, unless of course you are trying to present a feminine side. Flip flops are shower shoes and not fashion statements, and should remain in the shower. Instead, steer towards the sandals that only expose the feet through small vents in the sides and in the top of the shoe. This type of sandal allows you to keep your masculine presence and cool your feet at the same time. They also go well with jeans, and long Khaki shorts.
So There you have it. Now go out there and take over the world*winks*