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GTBank LFDW 2013, DAY 3

Backstage And Runway.

Yes, I’m back again and I stick to my  last point about the shows going uphill. here are my daily updates of what went down at the show.

First,i’ll start with Bridget Awosika.Bridget Awosika’s show  gave me an amazing amount of edge; with that unique SS ’14 collection. she gave white, blues, grey, navy, yellows and lilac, with very defined shapes and a couple of asymmetrical pieces. talking about her collection, she explained that her collection was inspired by being able to cherish what you have so she took 12 of her best pieces and reworked them.

Bridget-Awosika-1 Bridget-Awosika-2 Bridget-Awosika-3

OK so you guys know i love red as its my favourite color right? so here is Washington Roberts who gave me that red lace jumpsuit that made my heart stop as soon as it appeared on the runway. The collection was very elegant  and it represented the confident and sexy woman.

WR-2 WR-3 WR-1

Iconic Invanity was everything and beyond! Embellishment and sparkles have never looked so appealing. This line was very glamorous and elegant, not only because of the amazing and attention grabbing embellishments but also because of the black satin, bold yellows, royal blue and velvet. Its so easy to go tacky with embellishment and sparkles but they got it right.

Iconic-Invanity-1 Iconic-Invanity-2 Iconic-Invanity-3 Iconic-Invanity-4 Iconic-Invanity-5

so….stay tuned for the last update. till then*kisses

GTBank LFDW 2013

Day Two

Backstage And Runway.

Still on the fashion show which was tagged as ‘Orange Culture’ brought about  a whole lot of prints. speaking with some of the designers after the show such as Bayo Oke-Lawal,Re Bahia,Mai Atafo, and Mi-Le talked about their various unique collections and the inspiration behind it all.

Now here are some of the designs , so sit back and enjoy *winks

According to Bayo Oke-Lawal, his collection was inspired by trees ,the headpieces were representative of the cycle of trees with the colorful eyebrows.

Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-2 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-3 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-4 Orange-Culture-LFDW-2013-5

For Re Bahia, i got a lot of sheer, satin and very transparent pieces, but in the most elegant way possible.the bold blues, perfect pinks and the wintery white outfits were breath-taken if there’s any lesson here it’s that loose fitting clothes are just as sexy. Orire certainly deserved a standing ovation for her amazing collection.

Re-Bahia-LFDW-2013-2 Re-Bahia-LFDW-2013-3 Re-Bahia-LFDW-2013-4

Mai Atafo Like a lot of other designers, made use of lot of prints, Ankara in particular and a lot of bold colors. Mai Atafo made use of men’s fashion as a means of inspiration for the modern woman outfit as seen in the  bow ties and ties on the women, hats and even cigars. Who said this is a mans world!?

Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW13 Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW13-2 Mai-Atafo-SS-14-LFDW13-3

Mi-Le showcased a lot of monochrome,The pieces were very edgy and had very defined shapes.

MI-Le-LFDW-2013 Mi-Le-LFDW-2013-2 Mi-Le-LFDW-2013-3

GTBank LFDW 2013.

By Joyce Awele.

Hello everyone, i’m sorry i have being a little MIA…. Anyways am back now  to give you whats New and Hot *winks*

Day One

Backstage And Runway.

Light, music and runway. it was a night filled with fabulosity for me as i could not just help but buzz uncontrollably on my seat as fashion designers displayed their outfits on the stage. Seeing  fashion at its best,the show which took place at OceanView in Victoria Island, Lagos brought together not only designers from Nigeria but abroad as well. designers such as Wana Sambo, Weizdum, Valerie David, Kinabuti, Samson Shoboye and Kola Kuddus,Maureen Ikem,Christie Brown,Ella and Gabby graced the event.

Now let me show you some of my favorite back stage moments

 Right here the female models had somewhat minimal make up. A few colored lips here, but more generally, everything was kept quite nude and bronze, with defined eyebrows and heavy eyelashes, no overly bold colors.


LFDW-BEAUTYDay 1 featured high ponies.

LFDW-BEAUTY-3 With the men, Day 1 was pretty basic .

LFDW-MALE-BEAUTYWhen some of the men walked out, i got a modern day, African Jesus vibe, except the crown of thorns which was just a crown of leaves, thankfully *whew!

 some interesting hairstyles from some of the malemodels


From the Runway,It’s only fair to start with Sunny Rose’s S/S ’14 Collection. speaking with the designer Maureen Ikem after the show ,i learnt that the collection was inspired by the French Riviera. The idea behind the collection according to her was to “create elaborate clothes for women so they feel great about themselves”. something very interesting was that she kept colors to a minimum with whites and reds. Her collection featured a lot of lace and silk creating very elegant pieces and the ambience of the show was fantastic, what better music to play than Justin Timberlake’s ‘Take Back The Night?’

Sunny-Rose-LFDW-2013-2 Sunny-Rose-LFDW-2013-4 Sunny-Rose-LFDW-2013-31 Sunny-Rose-LFDW-20131

Christie Brown gave us super quirky on the runway last night! It was a somewhat Afrocentric show, right down to the music; which is what i particularly loved.she gave some chiffon, some laser cuts, bold yellows and aqua. Let’s not forget the defined shapes and how lady-like a lot of the pieces were. To top it off, there were some amazing neck pieces . i definitely got “that modern woman who seeks a true taste of Africa.”

Chrisie-Brown-LFDW-2013- Christie-Brown-LFDW-2013-2 Christie-Brown-LFDW-2013-3Ella and Gabby also featured a lot of silk, lace and prints. Defined waists and very strong silhouettes which brought a very lady-like collection. Definitely a lot of amazing evening wear. truly did get luxury, elegance and style!

Ella-and-Gabby-LFDW-2013- Ella-and-Gabby-LFDW-2013-3 Ella-and-Gabby-LFDW-2013-21 Ella-and-Gabby-LFDW-2013-41So…keep watching this space for Day Two *winks